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Quanzhou Xincai Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd was incorporated in 2019 in China, we will be your  trusted supplier of Promotional ProductsGiveaways & General Merchandise.

We have years experienced in customizing various of promotional items & gifts for Beers, Apparel retails, Medicine, Healthy care, Cosmetics, Automotive 4S stores, Food companies, Banks and other industries & supply chain management.

We carefully select & audited the manufacturers of general merchandise. We strictly review their qualifications, production environment, machinery & equipments, and production capactity of the cooperative manufacturers to ensure that your orders can be smoothly executed and delivered. Most of our manufacturers (1500+) have passed various compliance certifications, such as ISO, BSCI, Sedex etc. In addition, you don't have to worry about the quality of your orders at all, 110% satisfaction guaranteed. We maintian long-term cooperation with professional inspection companies and many hired QC inspectors who will strictly inspect your ordered goods.

Long-term & stable manufacturing and supply capacity, friendly communication and efficitent collaboration, more competitive prices, rich industry knowledge and product resources, we are the best & trusted partner of many senior buyers like you.

In order to make it easier for you to choose our products, send inquires or small orders needs, we created this one-stop trading platform. Our product range covers Bags, Shoes, Clothing, Accessories, Gifts and Crafts, Consumer electronics, Home & Garden, Sationery & Office Supplies, Outdoors & Sports, Toys and Holiday supplies. Online shopping is very convenient and safe guaranteed.